Mission and philosophy

I want to offer help and support in different areas of life as much as it is possible by means of manual therapy. I am continually educating myself in this field and I always use my knowledge the best I see fit.

My treatment style changes individually depending on what we together set as a goal.

One of the important goals of the treatment, in addition to pain management and relaxation, is to increase your understanding of your body and how everyday activities manifest in it. In addition, I give guidance and advice on how you can personally influence a problem area you experience.

If you are unsure whether your health condition allows a massage treatment, please get in touch before your massage appointment.
(Read more about factors limiting massage in the FAQ section.)

Licensed massage therapist / sports massage therapist and Kalevala bone-setting practitioner. 

Business is located in Tampere, Kaleva. 


At the first visit, about five minutes will be used to map your statutory* personal and basic information and what brought you to the massage. If you have a problem, you don't need to know its origin or how it should be treated with a massage, but if you already have an idea of where it came from, I'd love to hear it.

Finally, we decide together what to do and then the rest of the time we implement the initial plan, that is, nothing surprising happens during the treatment visit and I don't ask any difficult questions of life and death.

In terms of time use, clothing is good to be casual, etc. such that it is easier to undress and dress (i.e. tight jeans and compression clothes are not the best choice for a visit). 

*A trained massage therapist is a healthcare professional who is guided by healthcare obligations, such as the obligation to create and maintain a patient register.

More info in FAQ


Massage as relaxation

Has it been stressful lately and you just want to take some time for yourself by getting a massage?


Let's try to make your moment as relaxing and pleasant as possible.

Everyday life can be very stressful, and the mind and body are constantly in overdrive. In this situation, we can focus more on thinking about ways to control the load, or we can not think at all and just focus on emptying the head and removing the overdrive.


Do you have a pain, tension or vague unexplained sensation for which you are looking for an explanation or treatment?

Let's start thinking together about what it could be and what we could do about it. Through manual therapy, the aim is to relieve the acute pain/symptom, and through the interaction during the entire visit, we try to find the cause of the pain and/or what else could be done on your own. 


Kalevala bone-setting is  manual treatment just like massage but the treatment uses body movements to a much greater advantage and there is more variation in the treatment positions. Regardless of the problem, the treatment is carried out extensively on the limbs, body and head and for this reason the treatment times are usually at least 90 minutes.

The treatment is not necessarily lighter than classic massage but the differences in treatment techniques and positions make the treatment feel more extensive and stretching than point-like rubbing of pain spots. 

Kalevala bone-setting is part of wider folk healing tradition of bone-setting in Central Ostrobothnia and is not yet part of Finnish health care system but the Advisory Board for Traditional Treatments is nevertheless actively working to change this situation.


Purentalihaksistoon liittyvistä ongelmista käytetään nimitystä TMD eli Temporomandibular disorder. Niihin voi liittyä muunmuassa päänsärky, kasvojen ja suun alueen jähmeys ja oireet, ruoan pureskeluun liittyvä väsyminen ja puheen tuottamisen hankaloituminen.