Massage therapist - half doctor, half prostitute who cures all the problems. ~Homer Simpson

2013 licensed massage therapist/ athlete's muscle maintenance

2018 Strength coach (Trainer4You)

2016-2018 Physiotherapy studies for 72 study credits

2021 Sport massage therapist EAT (specialized professional degree)

2020-2023 specializing to Kalevala bone-setting

A gentleman from Rovaniemi, living in Pirkanmaa since 2010, who entertains himself by studying variety of subjects.

Body culture has been my interest for as long as I can remember. Since 1999, I have been practicing powerlifting-style strength training; as a junior, a short competitive career in amateur boxing and floorball. However, the main sport is powerlifting and competition in bench press at national level. In addition, in the summer you can find me cursing my knees in the fells, and all year round I hit the table with stones in the form of Go board game.

Striving for continuous development and struggling with injuries and aches have fueled my interest in health, body anatomy/function and body maintenance.