For companies and communities

For companies and communities

Has your company or community planned to start cooperation with a local massage service provider, either as a one-time or continuous service?

Tell me how big your group is and what you had initially planned, and I'll tell you what I have to offer to meet your needs.

I have been working as a trained massage therapist since 2013, and my business is located in Nokia, at the city center-end of Kankaantaka.

With my experience and educational background, in addition to massage, I am able to give my views and guidance on work well-being, regulation of the total daily load and matters related to exercise and daily movement, with the aim of increasing activity to promote one's own well-being. Over the years, I have worked extensively with various professions and have become familiar with various tasks and related stress factors and problems.

If your company has a health insurance fund that reimburses your employees for part of the massage costs, then my service is also suitable for that purpose.