Kehonhuolto Kättein väki/ Markus Rautavirta

Kankaantaankatu 12, liiketila 3, 37150 Nokia


Phone number/ Whatsapp
044 244 9630

Reception times vary between 8 am and 8 pm.

Parking by car: In front of the store, street parking with a parking disc. There are also plenty of streets in the surroundings (including Kankaantaankatu) where you can park on the side of the street if there is no separate parking ban. 

Bus lines: The bus lines passing by are 77, 78, 79A/B and 71B. From Tampere, lines 70A/B (get off at the stop "Nokia lukio". From the stop it's a walk of approx. 600m). 

1.4 km from the train station (about 15 minutes on foot).

If I don't answer your call, don't worry, I answer to others badly too. I will try to call you back the same day.

E-mail and SMS are good channels in a non-urgent situation.


(While waiting for a reply, check your spam folder as well)